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The grizzled vets in Drunk Stuntmen string together Skynyrd, rockabilly and random country rock into a loose-fitting jam-heavy patchwork. Village Voice

The crowd swarms around them like rock stars. They sport cowboy hats and are extensively tattooed and hang around with old people. Sally Abrahms, Time Magazine

It’s slightly disorienting to hear traces of Lynyrd Skynyrd, Gram Parsons, and the Allman Brothers all in the course of the same song, but that’s the sonically dizzying effect that occurs on the latest album from the Drunk Stuntmen.

Sanderson has a great ear for that line between emotive and over-emotive. Johnson ,for his part, just plain wails. Scott Brodeur, No Depression

From the straight-shooting opener “Downtown” to the dramatic ebb and flow of “Low”to the instantly catchy pop of “Out of Bed” to the powerful balladry of “Stars” Iron Hip represents a significant step forward in songwritingfrom the bands first two records. It may be a lost cause, however, for the Drunk Stuntmen ever to capture in the studio the sheer energy and charisma that radiates throughout the room when they’re on stage. Peter Blackstock, No Depression

Drunk Stuntmen put together fleshy, country tinged rock songs reminiscent of Ass Pony’s and Cracker in their wit, tunefulness and arrangements. Nashville Scene

...the songwriting ease of Neil Young mixed with country stoked rock...the group lurks in the northern climes, but plow down a southern muse as if bred somewhere in Dixieland.Samir Shukla, Creative Loafing

The Stuntmen know full well what it takes to set itself apart from the glut of similar minded Americana acts: it's the song, stupid, and Drunk Stuntmen has got 'em in spades...the lyrics are smart, the tunes are catchy, and you won't walk away disappointed.Tucson Weekly

The band's melodies carry you from the start. Their musicianship is proven throughout and stays continually fresh, visiting areas like folk and hard rock. Sean McCarthy New Bedford Standard Times.

Massachusetts-rooted Americana with a twangified, rockabilly edge and full on feedback afterburners. Tim Davis, Creative Loafing

...a band to be reckoned with. Alison King, Triad Style

...throw in Ray Charles, Cracker, The Rolling Stones and the pop sensibility of the Beatles or even King's X and you've got Drunk Stuntmen. Ann Wood, Provincetown Banner

...it's the kind of music that makes you want to drink beer, dance until you drop and forget your troubles...their sound is both loose and tight, creating a groove, but freely moving in and around it. Laura Sylvester, Daily Hampshire Gazette

...everything is played with passion and an undeniable zeal for entertainment. Jay N. Miller, Patriot Ledger Hull, MA

As their name suggests, this is a band that likes to drink, party and , more importantly, play live. Nan Holda, The Paper Urbana, IL

Content having their tender side exposed by gentle, fingerpicked country ballads one minute, they are just as happy if, if not more so, when it comes time to rock out like the rugged men they are.

Drunk Stuntmen have a deliriously old fashioned sound but will probably appeal equally to fans of Wilco, the Replacements, Thin Lizzy and Steely Dan. Seth Rogovoy, The Berkshire Eagle

Honest music for honest folk, geared toward the life of working -class America. City Pages, Stevens Point, MN

...a rollicking blast of earthy garage rock that's equal parts bourbon-fueled fuss and studied songcraft. ...fitting nicely alongside such similar exercises in musical cross pollination as Wilco's A.M. and Cracker's Kerosene Hat Tim Davis,Creative Loafing

"While the Drunk Stuntmen consistently provide a party atmosphere wherever it plays, it has also earned a reputation as the elite rock outfit in the area. Roots music, Americana, whatever tag you put on the Stuntmen's music, one thing is sure - these guys flat out rock the joint."

"But while Steve Sanderson and company may provide the best party around, the Drunk Stuntmen has always been more than a mere party-rock band. "Trailer Life," the group's fourth full-length disc, with songs like "Get to the Wine" and "Made of Wood," offering thoughtful insights on a number of topics. And, I never thought that I would hear the word "estuary" used in a song lyric ("Bolinas") outside the catalogue of the hyper-literate Richard Thompson." Sheryl Hunter, Greenfield Recorder

You can book Drunk Stuntmen for your venue or private party by emailing or calling.

Steve Sanderson (413) 218 7833
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PO Box 545 Northampton, MA 01061-0545
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View Drunk Stuntmen's EPK

The Stuntmen have been playing engagement parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, ship christenings, divorces and shootings for years. They arrive with all the sound equipment, you provide the place and event. Call or email right now and give us the details about your event (location and size, number of people expected) and we’ll confirm a date. Dates are secured with a $300 nonrefundable deposit. Press Photo

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Taping policy:

Drunk Stuntmen encourage taping of their live shows for personal and noncommercial sharing and blaring purposes. Some venues may put restrictions or prohibit taping. Please don't go to see us at those venues anymore.
We love you.

Steve Sanderson
(413) 218 7833
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